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Corporate documents required for company incorporation

To form a company, two basic founding documents are necessary:

Memorandum of association

It contains the fundamental conditions upon which the company is allowed to operate. The document consists of information like firm of the company, data on the founders, information about the equity capital of the company, admissible amount of the foundation expenses and their payment order, etc.;

Articles of association

It generally defines the responsibilities of the board, the type of business to be executed, and means by which the owners exert control over the board of directors. Upon consent of the founders the Articles of association may include specific provisions regarding decision making, restrictions of the board, competence of the council, other specific conditions regarding the process of shares transfer.


Kidnapping is a criminal act involving the forcible taking or holding of an individual against their will. In the context of child abduction, kidnapping specifically pertains to the abduction of a minor. Such cases demand urgent law enforcement intervention to ensure the safety and well-being of the abducted child.


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