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[190] According to the medical report, experts believe he died sometime on March 8 or 9. In Rwanda, Munyaneza was a member of parliament in the early days of the RPF government and a founding member of the Social Democratic Party (Parti social démocrate, PSD). He fled in 2007, first to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was threatened by individuals he believed to be working for the Rwandan government, and then to Uganda, according to a friend in Kampala. He was a member of the RNC. The circumstances around his death are suspicious. According to people who saw the body at the scene, and as suggested in photos taken at the scene and later shared with Human Rights Watch, Munyaneza was beaten and injured before he died. Photos suggest he had been tied up and received blows to the head. Initial statements by the deputy spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police also indicated Munyaneza’s death was being treated as suspected murder. Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Chelgate Day Pitney LLP GainJet Aviation S. A. Millicom International Cellular S. A. Interpol Dr. Michelle Martin Myriad International Marketing LLC Racepoint Global Tigo Tanzania United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ Division on International Protection, Regional Office for East, Horn of Africa & Great Lakes, and Regional Office for Southern Africa W2 Group, Inc. The Genocide and its Aftermath Since Rwanda’s independence in 1962, a number of factors, including cycles of ethnic-based violence, political instability, and human rights violations have pushed many Rwandans to flee. He remained an asylum seeker at the time of his disappearance in 2021. According to the Pegasus Project, Ntamuhanga’s phone number was on the list of numbers selected by NSO Group clients for targeting through Pegasus. [255] Ntamuhanga’s disappearance revived fear and the sense of insecurity among Rwandans living in Mozambique. Two months later, Rwanda’s military intervention in Mozambique’s war-torn Cabo Delgado area, in July 2021, heightened concerns for the safety of Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers. [256] Many Rwandans interviewed for this report said that the deployment of Rwandan troops exacerbated the harassment of and abuses against the refugee community. One Rwandan refugee who had been living in Maputo since 2002 said: “Before the troops arrived, we didn’t really hear of Kigali much. I never heard anything about the embassy. But now it’s all over my life. I am followed. The cars don’t have number plates and have dark windows. The newspapers in Kigali attack us, we get messages through WhatsApp groups or email. ”[257] When authorities deprive someone of their liberty and refuse to acknowledge the detention or conceal the person’s whereabouts, they are committing an enforced disappearance, a crime under international law and prohibited under all circumstances. [258] Those involved in and responsible for such acts should be held criminally responsible. Almost two years after Ntamuhanga’s disappearance, the Mozambican authorities are yet to provide any details about the case, or any information regarding their announced investigations. Human Rights Watch wrote to Mozambican authorities about the case, but at time of publication, had not received a response. Robert Kabera (Uganda) Sgt. The woman took pictures of my ID and installed something on my phone. The man said, ‘your husband is an enemy of the country. ’” They told her they know where she lives, where she works, and should separate from her husband. “They said: ‘think carefully—you won’t escape us. ’ Then the man with the gun accompanied me out of the car and told me never to tell anyone about this, ” she said. [226] A few months later, she said, a man came to her workplace and asked, “Where is your husband? ” in Kinyarwanda. [227] Human Rights Watch also interviewed an official of the host country who confirmed that Mazimpaka’s wife had reported the threats to him in the weeks following the incident. [228] The official and Mazimpaka’s wife said that UNHCR was also informed of the incident, but at time of writing, no action had been taken. Rwanda visa requirements for Malawian citizens 6.7 million fewer people live in Rwanda than Malawi. Number of diplomatic Visa-free countries · Passport rank. Language English (United Kingdom). English ... Malawi visa requirements for Rwandese citizens 6.7 million more people live in Malawi than Rwanda. Number of diplomatic Visa-free countries · Passport rank. Language English (United Kingdom). English ... You are either with me or you are against me. ”[144] In some of the cases examined by Human Rights Watch in this report, the individuals targeted in overseas repression were also subjected to pervasive online harassment by websites and social media accounts that are alleged to have ties to Rwandan intelligence services and the government. Rwandans living abroad said that the mere prospect of being targeted by such media deters them from speaking out. Rwanda: Development news, research, data | World Bank The World Bank's digital platform for live-streaming · WHO WE ARE. megamenu-image Bringing together climate and development goals in Malawi and Rwanda · View ...


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