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National Youth Ballet Company is an independent Company looking to provide an opportunity to all dancers to experience and perform on stage in a professional environment. 

Register here to be forwarded information on upcoming auditions and performances. 

Audition Registration


Step 1

Open Class

This will be a classical open class which will last for 1.15 hours.  It will be an opportunity to warm up but also demonstrate your technique and classical training.

Step 2


The choreography section is where you'll be taught a piece of choreography over 1.15 hour to perform in front of the panel.  Our panelists are looking for your own individuality, ease of picking up choreography, self expression and stage performance. 

Step 3


Our panelists are looking for what type of team member you are going to be both on and off stage.

It is important to us that all members treat each other with respect and are compassionate at all times.  

What To Expect

When auditioning for National Youth Ballet Company, we want all dancers to feel at ease and supported. The audition process should be an opportunity and an experience in itself, with dancers being exposed to new teachers, new choreography and a place to express who you want to be as a dancer.


It is an opportunity to learn from the teachers conducting the classes, so you leave, on the day having grown in ability and confidence.

Auditions will vary depending on the program, with the classes and requirements from attendees determined by the repetoire for the performance scheduled. Below are a few things an auditionee can expect.

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