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Auditioning soon for our Triple Bill

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be auditioning for new dancers to perform in our  TRIPLE BILL program. An amalgamation of three works supported by Australia's leading choreographers, composers, musicians and costume designers. 

Piece One: 

"Au Revior Mon Ami" is a newly composed and choreographed piece of work composed by Cyrus Meurant and choreographed in sections by Brett Morgan OAM, Timothy Gordon, Debbie Ellis Linnert and Jake Burden. This haunting and emotional performance, accompanied by the grand piano and violin, will take you on an emotional journey, allowing audience members to be swept away into their own imagination.

Piece Two:

"Banged and Tap"  from "Synergy with Synergy" is described as "A concerto for man, muscle and machine, Synergy with Synergy is an extraordinarily unique and exciting piece of dance.  Inspired by the diversity and power of percussion".


Created by the renowned choreographer Graeme Murphy AM and renowned percussionist Michael Askill.  First performed by Sydney Dance Company 30 years ago, the National Youth Ballet Company under the Artistic Directorship of Brett Morgan OAM and guidance of Graeme Murphy and Janet Vernon, will be recreating the essence of this world acclaimed piece of work. Musical Director, Michael Askill and with his graduation student will complete the live component of this work.  

Piece Three: 

"Berlin Songs" is a recreation of 5 songs, performed by the eclectic and entertaining performer iOTA from the original work of Graeme Murphy’s "BERLIN". 


"BERLIN"  is an exploration using the city of Berlin as a symbol of decline and resurrection. Seductively theatrical, BERLIN explores the heart and mind of what it is to be human.

A hauntingly powerful and beautiful piece of dance that was first created in 1995 with music by Iva Davies and Icehouse, then re-staged in 2007 with iOTA as the singer/hero"

This piece is evocative, fluid and ahead of its time with the audience member being able to relate to so many similarities of today. 

 Murphy's words are timeless, vibrant, thrilling and energetic and will bring audiences to the edge of their seats.

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    Register for our next Audition Dates
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    Register your interest for an Audition
    Location is TBD
    Register your interest for an Audition
    Location is TBD
    Be a part of the National Youth Ballet Company. Don't miss this amazing opportunity for young, regional dancers.


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