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Who can audition?

Our current work is open to dancers between the age of 14 and 25 across Australia. We are looking for classically trained contemporary dancers. 

You can be a pre-professional student or a dancer who has returned from overseas and looking to perform with a youth company that offers a professionally organised experience.

How do I Audition?

You will need to complete the registration form and provide all details correctly.

You will be contacted by a representative of the NYBC to advise you of the Audition date and venue.

What you need to bring to the Audition?

  1. Head shot and resume

  2. Water Bottle 

  3. Ballet Barre Towel

  4. Pointe shoes

  5. If you are versatile in Tap, please bring along tap shoes. 

What happens on Audition Day?

On the day, you will be asked to demonstrate both classical and contemporary technique. 


This will be by completing a Classical Open Class and by learning a short section of contemporary choreography you will then perform.


If you have prepared, you will be asked to perform either a classical or contemporary solo.  

How much to be part of the NYBC production?

Due to NYBC being a new not-for-profit organisation, there is a nominal fee of $500, per person, per production plus the cost of uniform purchase, hire of costumes, travel and accommodation. 

How will I find out if I am successful?

After the audition, you will be provided an email with the result of your audition. After that, an agreement will be entered into with all the details of your rehearsals and performance obligations.

Rehearsals will be over 10 weeks and there are two performances currently booked. 

Further performances may be organised within the rehearsal period.


The agreement is for this first work only. 

When and where will be the rehearsals? 

We are still finalising the details of the rehearsals and venue and will advise all successful dancers once rehearsal schedule is complete.

We have had so many inquiries about NYBC. Here you will find most of the answers to the question you may have. 


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